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So Rock For The Heart is tonight….I must admit, I am kinda excited about it. I haven’t heard any of these bands and honestly, I’m not sure if its my cup of tea. Either way, I am highly excited, and skeptical all at the same time. I’m more of the hardcore metal type, I digg Suicide Silence, Through The Eyes of The Dead, Between the Buried and Me, Animosity etc. etc. I just love the rawness of their sounds, and their breakdowns. These bands tonight may not be what I listen to regularly or my cup of tea, but I am sure to enjoy it nonetheless. It’s pretty cool to have a job that you can say hosted a concert for charity and got to hang out and watch everything unfold behind the scenes. Planning for it, and all the behind the scene work has been pretty stressful, so I am highly excited for it to play out.

Other than that, I’ll be heading up to Grove City this weekend to hang out and blow off some steam. Should be a good time, it’s been a couple of years since I have been up there, so I am anxious to see what changed. I guess thats about it for this post, mostly it’s been a crazy hectic week trying to get restaurants to sign up for this dining card, and trying to get a candy guide ready for release next month. Keep it real.

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