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frustrate me. Who cares about freshman players going to what school. I love sports, but seriously if nothing has happened in the sports world yet, pick something else to make a feature. Oh another good one, Chikize or how ever you spelled it was kicked from AI. Again, who cares. Yes, it’s popular because millions of people watch the show and “consider” it a credible lead story.

It’s only “credible” because society has been dulled this world to a point that, this kind of stuff has been made to be important. Thank you media/papos, for creating the hell of a digital world we live in.

Update as of 11:44

A new story has been added to the featured topic. Who is to blame when kids curse? The answer is in the first line of the article……the parents, who would have thought? Again, this is another spin doctor scare tactic that is crazy and only judge mental when the media wants it to be. My parents disciplined me like crazy for cussing as a kid, until I learned it wasn’t ok to do so, until you learn what repercussions could happen if you use them.

Its just hilarious because, when a kid shoots up a school, its the music/movies/games fault. But when a kid swears its the parents fault. What the truth is though, it’s always the parents fault, for not teaching their kids how to be responsible and grow up knowing how to decipher between reality and a dream world.

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