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I am going to have to say, I am really just putting these here for my benefit. Everyday is a new day to learn something thats going to help you in the long run. For me? These web sites listed below rock for design when I need inspiration. Check em out. Maybe they’ll help you aspiring web artists some day.


and finally, a website dedicated in helping others with elements and ideas. MickM has to be the leading forum for designers aside from deviant art to strut their stuff. This website has taught me a lot, and some of these 16 year old kids can do things most people can never aspire to.


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I apologize for the header….so original, I know. I just think it’s about time to actually start a new blog and relay more about what goes on from day to day life. It’s more than necessary for me to write because not only is it nice to remember things when I come back to read past posts, it’s also nice to relieve stress, and this has always been a great way to do it.

In all honesty I have been writing in online journals for the longest time, starting with live journal and so on and so on. They all do the same job but really don’t hold true to what they are, as most of them were immature ramblings of a kid person that hadn’t learned much about life.

Now that I have a full time job in my career and have graduated college more than two years ago, it’s time to get serious about this stuff, because it’s really awesome to look back on someday.

With all that stuff about being professional aside, I am pretty normal. I’ll write in this blog sense and have spelling errors and misplaced punctuation. That’s just something your going to have to deal with. Please, if you have anything good to say after reading a post, comment on it, I enjoy conversation with anyone regardless of the topic.

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