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Finally has raised their arms as champions again. Last night’s game was a total beat down and it couldn’t have come against a better team. I really just dislike Kobe and all that he has to offer. I’m pretty happy as well that my second favorite team Chicago didn’t go through with a trade to actually get him.

Alas, for now though, I am incredibly happy that KG got his ring. Yes, he doesn’t finish games some times, yes he gets streaky. But, its always been mentioned that he didn’t want to be looked at as the franchise player, he just wanted to play. After all this scandal and turmoil in the NBA, it couldn’t have gone better if either team the Celtics or the Lakers actually won the title. I think it was great that it turned out to be two storied franchises with a past of hate for each other, squaring off. Well, congrats again to the Boston Celtics! Can’t wait for the repeat!

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