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Living in Pittsburgh, we recently had a big trial in the news.  Daniel J. Montano pleaded guilty to 79 criminal mischeif accounts and it is believed to have done almost $300,000 worth of damage to this area, and an estimated amount of $750,000 from San Fransico(were his mother lives) to Pittsburgh.  I’m all for his punishment because he acknowledged what he did was wrong and knows of the damage he caused to buildings.

Now for the punishement.  In all honesty I don’t think jail is good for this guy.  He is an artist, an amazing artist at that, and should be put to community service.  While during his jail time, I think he should be sent to community’s and parks around the area, and put his heavily artistic influence to use providing murals for community parks, the zoo, Kennywood.  Make him to characterized history timelines of events and have them on display.  Rehabilitation for this person would go lengths to provide insite into his mindset.  Instead of damaging a building with art.  Provide a community with good and creating art that everyone can be proud of.  These kids are amazing at what they do, and simply put, whatever the hell they do with a spray can to make it so perfect is mind boggling to me.  As well as the fact that these can be done in a few hours if not less, as to avoid detetection is awesome.  But, I think its time to start showing these artistic displays off for the greater good, instead of revolting against the masses.

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