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I recently heard about WB releasing the 6 minutes of Dark Knight at another screening premier. It was posted online then abruptly taken down shortly after. It took a good half hour finding a version I could watch and, holy crap, is it going to be amazing. The first 6 minutes of this freaking movie is so gripping. It simply starts out with a group of robbers getting ready to rob a high price Gotham Bank, and all of them questioning who the Joker is. While each of them is picked off one by one by another masked robber, we all come to find out that the Joker does his deals hands on.

I can’t believe how well it shows that Heath Ledger plays his character. It’s almost as if insanity and beautiful combine into one warped mind of a character. I however can’t wait to see what Harvey Dent turns into. Just this last week they released the tailor’s including Two-Face after being burned. It’s just going to be crazy, and I can say that I may see this movie more than once opening weekend. It’s going to be major. Linked below are various tailors.

First Six Minutes

Trailer 3

Two-Face Promo

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I seriously just can’t get enough of this stuff!  I love it!  I really dig this art style.  And on a side note I am totally addicted to this website http://claysol13.myminicity.com/ It builds with the more clicks you have.  Check it out and build your city as well as mine!

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I need something cool to do, and I need to figure it out soon. I want to visit some place warm, or somewhere exotic. That would be pretty ideal. I want to be able to walk outside and see nothing but beaches and water, and I don’t want to have to wait till July to do it! Oh how I wish I were lucky enough to be born in the tropics somewhere.

I’m just tired of this on again off again spring weather. About the only thing that rules is that the Penguins dominate….I wish the Pirates were the same. But, with a total contract worth of 51 Million, I doubt well be seeing anything awesome from them in a long long time. Well, until the Nuttel’s sell the team. Other than that folks, I have nothing else I can think off. Have a good one!

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