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Patrick Swayze Article

If this is truly the case, then that is some sad news I guess. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of anything he did(even roadhouse). About the only thing I decently liked from him was that cheap ass movie Black Dog and the marginal role he had in Donnie Darko. If this is the honest to god truth though, that is certainly getting the short end of the stick and prayers go out to him. I read this article and saw the headlines and didn’t believe it, also this comes from supposedly the National Enquirer(which sells garbage).

It’s a pretty crazy thing to break the news and say a person has 5 weeks to live. If this story isn’t true, or doesn’t have any leg to stand on, I would be suing the pants off of this magazine if I was him.

I don’t know what it is anymore. People have no common courtesy to leave people be when they are in times of trouble if they are famous. I understand it was their choice to be famous or their choice that they have to endure what has been created, but I certainly believe that after a certain time it should shut off.

There is so much money being handed to paps, for the photo of someone sneezing or someone doing something stupid. Maybe thats whats so wrong with this country, or people like us read about this stuff and soak it up like its going to play some important role in our life. I am guilty for the latter, I do read the celeb stuff, because I find it incredibly stupid how some people can be and willingly do it again because they are so concerned with how famous they are.

I guess thats about it for today, if the story is true, then best of luck and prayers to Swayze. It’s a tough life sometimes, but we gotta work with the cards were dealt I suppose…..

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