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Salvador Dali has to be my most favorite artist ever.  I can’t help but look at some of his work and truly be amazed at the way he describes images with his mind.  A lot of people I talk to regular haven’t even heard of this guy or who he is, its hard to believe that.  His surrealist artwork has been displayed in a lot of modern shows, such as The Simpsons(“melting homer images”).   I guess when I look at the pieces of art, I think of them as dreams based on reality and how the wandering mind should approach the common hypocrisy of today.  He may have been eccentric beyond all belief, but to me it’s as if him being eccentric then during his period would even consider him being half crazy now.  With all the un-needed violence(not talking about Iraq war.  I support it and our troops 100%) towards others, how our society has been so fixated on the social downfall of Britney and other teen boppers who should honestly have to take a test to procreate.

It’s almost apparent to myself that his artwork now means more to me than it did before.  People just do some pretty messed up shit, thats how it is.  It’s safe to say though that we live this life to live for another.  Most of us work to make memories, there are the select few that work to be remembered.  Thats a pretty radical quote I heard way back in high school.

Basically, for the too long didn’t read version.  I did a little bit of everything in this post, I talked about art, talked about celebrities being a waste of life, and just some pretty nonsensical rambling.  Oh well, below is my most favorite piece of work from Dali.  It describes the agony of Word War 2 quite well I believe.

Dali Work

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