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So I was recently scanning the web for some new art inspiration and fell across a few images and information located here.  It’s pretty awesome stuff and they ponder the question if it is art.  I think so, today’s modern acceptance of anything being art, is in fact art.  Another man’s trash is someone else’s trash right?  I did some research about Tim Nobel and Sue Webster(artistical pranksters of this exhibit).  Apparently, they are British, create some pretty awesome art, and are considered pranksters in the art world.  Now, if all that I posted is true or not, oh well, this is a blog and taken about my views from art, not who they are and information about them.  I just wanted some info as to who they are and some other stuff they have done.

Other than that, this is a cool little twist to the another man’s trash theory, and I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you like it.  I’ve actually been getting some response on older posts about artwork, and my range of views from old to new.  Read on, enjoy , Digg me, and let me know what you think!

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