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The past week has been awesome gaming for me. With the release of Bad Company(been a long time fan of the franchise), reading up on some Star Wars Unleashed info, and now after Blizzard hinted at it during the week Diablo 3 was announced at the worldwide invitational.

I am incredibly excited for the pc gaming lineup because I’ve grown up on Starcraft and Diablo, and eventually evolving into World of Warcraft. But, to me Diablo has been the staple of the company until it created the omega World of Warcraft game that over 10 million of us gamers feel in love with. So now, with the information that is coming from the Diablo news release, I will post some facts known about the upcoming game below.  About the only thing I am concerned about after watching the videos is what kind of hardware you need to handle this type of game.  Other than that, I’ll be emmersed back into the world of Diablo, and will have a much needed break from the WoW universe.

Things Known:

  • The game takes places 20 years after the second Diablo ended.
  • The Sanctuary will be an evolving 3-d world.
  • Multiplayer again will be a staple of the game over the newly created Battle.Net portals.
  • The game will be powered by the Havoc Physics system.
  • New character: Witch Doctor
  • Interactive Environments

Screen Shots:

Male Witch Doctor

Female Witch Doctor

Summoned Beast

Known Video Links:


More information to come…

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I cannot tell you how pumped I am for this game. I’ll admit, when I was a kid I loved Star Wars. I hate the new movies except for the part where Vader becomes Vader. In all honesty I actually just watched Anakin become Vader on youtube haha.

The video games have always been topsy turvy with me. The battlefield games, where they were online only and for consoles kicked major ass. Other than that, I really didn’t care, but this game looks amazing.

The Force Unleashed is a game about being the new “apprentice” and learning how to master your powers. It’s just awesome, because I always liked the darker side of the force as a kid. I’m pretty excited that you start out as Darth Vader, with all the awesome tricks and powers at your disposal. The cinematic appeal of this game alone is worth it. Everything has been voiced over as well as the acting. The story is said to have a polished feel, and have multiple twists to keep you entertained. I can’t hardly wait.

The physics engine of the game is outstanding. The euphoria engine is bliss, and runs smooth. If you need an example of how it plays, just pop in GTA4. I really am amazed at how far technology has come, and am anxiously waiting to see how the AI reacts when you force grab them and dangle them in the air like a rag doll. Each AI apparently reacts different and can grab onto objects and hold onto them even suspended in the air.

Well, that is about all the info I have for you today. Below this little article, is the trailer for the game. Enjoy it, for it is pure awesome.

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So I was recently scanning the web for some new art inspiration and fell across a few images and information located here.  It’s pretty awesome stuff and they ponder the question if it is art.  I think so, today’s modern acceptance of anything being art, is in fact art.  Another man’s trash is someone else’s trash right?  I did some research about Tim Nobel and Sue Webster(artistical pranksters of this exhibit).  Apparently, they are British, create some pretty awesome art, and are considered pranksters in the art world.  Now, if all that I posted is true or not, oh well, this is a blog and taken about my views from art, not who they are and information about them.  I just wanted some info as to who they are and some other stuff they have done.

Other than that, this is a cool little twist to the another man’s trash theory, and I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you like it.  I’ve actually been getting some response on older posts about artwork, and my range of views from old to new.  Read on, enjoy , Digg me, and let me know what you think!

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Click here to help my city grow! I’ll thank you for it! http://claysol13.myminicity.com/sec

I seriously just can’t get enough of this stuff!  I love it!  I really dig this art style.  And on a side note I am totally addicted to this website http://claysol13.myminicity.com/ It builds with the more clicks you have.  Check it out and build your city as well as mine!

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Finally has raised their arms as champions again. Last night’s game was a total beat down and it couldn’t have come against a better team. I really just dislike Kobe and all that he has to offer. I’m pretty happy as well that my second favorite team Chicago didn’t go through with a trade to actually get him.

Alas, for now though, I am incredibly happy that KG got his ring. Yes, he doesn’t finish games some times, yes he gets streaky. But, its always been mentioned that he didn’t want to be looked at as the franchise player, he just wanted to play. After all this scandal and turmoil in the NBA, it couldn’t have gone better if either team the Celtics or the Lakers actually won the title. I think it was great that it turned out to be two storied franchises with a past of hate for each other, squaring off. Well, congrats again to the Boston Celtics! Can’t wait for the repeat!

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Well, another great time of the year is upon us.  Football season is weeks away, and the rumors start flying all around.  Fantasy football gets kicked into high gear with research upon research of stats, players, teams, thougts, etc. etc.  I found a website today here, that lists the project team rankings as well as screen shots of the teams roster pages.  Found below you will find the rankings if you would like to stay here(I encourage), provide some insight on how you feel the teams were ranked and so on. Rankings are as follows:

Patriots 97
Cowboys 96
Chargers 95
Colts 95
Giants 94
Steelers 94
Jaguars 93
Packers 91
Eagles 91
Bucs 91
Vikings 90
Browns 88
Redskins 88
Seahawks 87
Saints 87
Panthers 86
Broncos 84
Titans 84
Bills 82
Ravens 81
Bengals 80
Bears 80
Cardinals 78
Texans 78
Lions 78
Rams 77
Jets 76
49ers 72
Chiefs 71
Raiders 71
Falcons 67
Dolphins 67

Is it any surprise that New England is on top?  It looks like a pretty accurate stance on ratings to me.  However I feel that the Jet’s with the stronger line they have brought in this year, should have a few points higher, but oh well ya give and take.   Well, it’s a small update to the site, but it provides some nice incite to the series that all sports gamers oogle over.

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Living in Pittsburgh, we recently had a big trial in the news.  Daniel J. Montano pleaded guilty to 79 criminal mischeif accounts and it is believed to have done almost $300,000 worth of damage to this area, and an estimated amount of $750,000 from San Fransico(were his mother lives) to Pittsburgh.  I’m all for his punishment because he acknowledged what he did was wrong and knows of the damage he caused to buildings.

Now for the punishement.  In all honesty I don’t think jail is good for this guy.  He is an artist, an amazing artist at that, and should be put to community service.  While during his jail time, I think he should be sent to community’s and parks around the area, and put his heavily artistic influence to use providing murals for community parks, the zoo, Kennywood.  Make him to characterized history timelines of events and have them on display.  Rehabilitation for this person would go lengths to provide insite into his mindset.  Instead of damaging a building with art.  Provide a community with good and creating art that everyone can be proud of.  These kids are amazing at what they do, and simply put, whatever the hell they do with a spray can to make it so perfect is mind boggling to me.  As well as the fact that these can be done in a few hours if not less, as to avoid detetection is awesome.  But, I think its time to start showing these artistic displays off for the greater good, instead of revolting against the masses.

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